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Books to Treasure 2013
Featuring Peter Brown

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Featured Book & Library Card

You Will Be My Friend

You Will Be My Friend!
By: Peter Brown

Peter Browns' book titled You Will Be My Friend!  is the featured book for Books to Treasure, a Tulsa-City County Library event sponsored annually by the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation. Every second grader in Tulsa-County will receive a copy of Peter Brown’s book You Will Be My Friend!

You Will Be My Friend!  is a story about friendship. Lucille Beatrice Bear wakes up one morning DETERMINED to make a new friend. At first, she tries making friends nicely. When things don’t go the way she planned, she gets very frustrated. Lucy begins DEMANDING that animals be her friend. She finds out that this may not be the best way to actually make friends. Find out if Lucy learns a better way to make friends and if she is able to make a new friend!


Library Card

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Lucy Beatrice Bear trying to make friends. .
From You Will Be My Friend!


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