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Recommended Web Sites

  • Math Dictionary for Kids
    • An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms using simple language and visual examples.
  • Fun Brain
    • Who ever thought learning math could be so much fun? Test your math skills with these fun and interesting games. Inlcudes some teacher and parenting resources.
  • Catch the Science Bug
    • Solve science puzzles, do your own scientific investigations, or learn more about what scientists do on the job.

Complete list of Science & Math web sites.

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100 Black Life

Let’s Count to 100!
By Masayuki Sebe
J 513.2 S443L 2011

A Black Hole is not a Hole
By Carolyn Cinami  DeChristofano
J 523.8 D359b 2012

Life Science Fair Projects
By Jordan McGill
J 570.72 M175L 2012

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Help Title Description Grade Level
Britannica Help

Britannica Online School Edition PreK-8, a favorite with educators with content for both elementary and middle school students, also includes the Britannica Learning Zone, a PreK-2 interactive learning environment.


  Live online homework help, skills building, writing assistance, and a Study Suite contains powerful assessment and learning tools. Students can also form study groups to work on class projects. K-12

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