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Time Run President

Time for Kids World Atlas
J 912 T48202 2011

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election schemes, and the Race to the White House
By Susan E Goodman
J 324 G624s 2008

The President, Vice President and Cabinet
By Elaine Landau

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Help Title Description Grade Level
Britannica Help Britannica Online School Edition PreK-8, a favorite with educators with content for both elementary and middle school students, also includes the Britannica Learning Zone, a PreK-2 interactive learning environment. K-12+
Funk & Wagnalls Help Provides access to over 25,000 encyclopedic entries covering an array of topics along with various images and brief biographies. 1-12+
  Live online homework help, skills building, writing assistance, and a Study Suite contains powerful assessment and learning tools. Students can also form study groups to work on class projects. K-12
  This site offers resources in Spanish for all ages in two unique interfaces, each with its own comprehensive encyclopedia: Enciclopedia Moderna for high school ages and up and Britannica Escolar Online for ages 6-12. K-12+

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