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Help Title Description Grade Level
Britannica Help Britannica Online School Edition PreK-8, a favorite with educators with content for both elementary and middle school students, also includes the Britannica Learning Zone, a PreK-2 interactive learning environment. K-12+
eLibrary Elementary Help A collection of primary documents, reference works, monographs, images, maps, illustrations, and time lines depicting essential activities of daily living. 4-12+
Funk & Wagnalls Help Provides access to over 25,000 encyclopedic entries covering an array of topics along with various images and brief biographies. 1-12+
Kids Search Help Search by topic or keyword for magazine articles, look up words in the dictionary, and search an encyclopedia. Timely Topic of the Month and highlighted top searches provide quick access to current news. K-5
  Live online homework help, skills building, writing assistance, and a Study Suite contains powerful assessment and learning tools. Students can also form study groups to work on class projects. K-12
Science Resource Center Help One-stop resource for all science-related research on key concepts. 5-12+
Searchasaurus Help Access over 80 magazines and pamphlets. Look up information in an encyclopedia, find data about all kinds of animals, and find out about fun facts. K-8
SIRS Help This site offers resources in Spanish for all ages in two unique interfaces, each with its own comprehensive encyclopedia:Enciclopedia Modernafor high school ages and up andBritannica Escolar Onlinefor ages 6-12. K-12+

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