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Learn about the Arts
Complete list of Arts web sites


  • Smithsonian Education
    • Smithsonian for Kids – exploreby topic (art, science, history, people)
  • Meet Me at the Corner
    • Interactive site includes virtual field trips for kids. Video submissions from kids worldwide. Includes How to Make Videos and Podcasting.
  • Cartoonster
    • Follow the step-by-step lessons to create your own cartoon animation. Learn short cuts and tips on creating your project frame by frame.
  • World Wide Art Gallery
    • See examples of art done by children from around the world, and connect to links of art activities and information about art and art history.
  • Hands On: Crafts for Kids
    • This companion site to the public television program "Hands on Crafts" can be used in concert with the program or as a stand-alone. The projects featured are curriculum based for kids ages 7-12.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Click on "Explore and Learn" on New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art's website to take a closer look at some famous artists, their works and test your knowledge about art.
  • National Gallery of Art For Kids
    • Visit a sculpture garden, play hide and seek with art, create an interactive art piece online in "The Art Zone" and learn about all the paintings that are housed in the museum.
  • The Renaissance Collection
    • Take a journey back in time and become a patron of the arts, discover the innovations of the time and get involved in creating your own innovation. Learn about Renaissance life and get involved in the culture. Created by the Allentown Art Museum this interactive and quirky website is sure to entice you to discover the past.

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  • Children’s Literature Network
    • This site features Web pages for nearly 150 authors and illustrators, and provides kids with previews of forthcoming books. Avid readers will appreciate the recommended books and the lists of books compiled on numerous topics.
  • Read Kiddo Read
    • An authoritative resource for finding the best, current literature for children of all ages. It includes summaries, read-alikes, reviews, and links to related activities.
  • Great Books Online
    • A growing collection of full text reference works including dictionaries, encyclopedias, gazetteers, and style manuals in addition to works of poetry, folk and fairy tales, essays, and classic fiction.
  • Giggle Poetry
    • Learn to write poetry, create poems online, and read and rate hundreds of poems.

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  • DSO Kids
    • Welcome to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's "magical world" of musical fun and learning for students, parents, and teachers. The music room is filled with information about musical instruments, composers, and music periods as well as the Dallas Symphony. Look for games, activities, and a library of music clips highlighting composers, instruments, musical notes, and national anthems from selected countries.
  • San Francisco Symphony for Kids
    • This site provides information about instruments, a music basics tutorial and a listing of family programs and activities at the San Francisco Symphony.

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