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Recommended Web Sites

  • Bedtime Stories for Kids
    Looking for a list of great books to read at bedtime to get ready for sleep? Sleepopolis has you covered. Check out these stories that will help your child settle down and get your mind ready for sweet dreams.
  • Hands On: Crafts for Kids
    • This companion site to the public television program "Hands on Crafts" can be used in concert with the program or as a stand-alone. The projects featured are curriculum based for kids ages 7-12.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Click on "Explore and Learn" on New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art's website to take a closer look at some famous artists, their works and test your knowledge about art
  • DSO Kids
    • Welcome to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's "magical world" of musical fun and learning for students, parents, and teachers. The music room is filled with information about musical instruments, composers, and music periods as well as the Dallas Symphony. Look for games, activities, and a library of music clips highlighting composers, instruments, musical notes, and national anthems from selected countries.

Complete list of Arts web sites.


Woody Crafts Painting

Woody Guthrie, Poet of the People
By Bonnie Christensen
J 92 G98401c 2001

Step by Step Crafts for Summer
By Kathy Ross
J 745.5 R733ssu 2007

By Isabel Thomas
J 750 T363p 2012

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